Dr Bristi Basu

Dr Bristi Basu is an academic consultant in medical oncology, specialising in experimental cancer therapeutics in the University of Cambridge… Read More

Prof Brendan Delaney

I am a leading exponent internationally of the “Learning Health System’ (LHS) concept. Although my initial training in research was… Read More

Dr Samantha Quaife

Dr Samantha Quaife is a Reader in Behavioural Science within the Centre for Cancer Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis at… Read More

Prof Niek de Wit

Niek de Wit has been working as a general practitioner for more than 25 years. He is professor in General… Read More

Prof Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Clinical Research Scientist at Google based in Seattle, USA and also  Professor at the University of… Read More

Prof Jon Emery

Jon is the inaugural Herman Chair of Primary Care Cancer Research and an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow at the University of… Read More

Prof Greg Rubin

A Professor of General Practice and Primary Care at Newcastle University, Greg was a co-applicant on the successful bid for… Read More

Prof Willie Hamilton

Willie co-leads CanTest with Fiona Walter. The responsibilities have been split such that Willie leads on the research aspects, whilst… Read More