Prof Matthew Thompson

International Collaborator

Prof Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Clinical Research Scientist at Google based in Seattle, USA and also  Professor at the University of Washington Department of Family Medicine. As a clinical researcher, he has over 20 years’ experience at the University of Oxford and the University of Washington. His research focus has been improving the identification of adults and children with serious illness in primary care settings. This has included improving evidence for identification of patients with serious infection, and improving early detection of adults with lung and ovarian cancer, including as part of the CRUK-funded CanTest Collaboration. In 2022, Matthew joined Google where his work involves research on a number of devices and areas, including novel sensors on mobile phones and wearables for a variety of health conditions, and potential use of internet search data to inform diagnosis and risk prediction. Matthew has worked as a Family Physician on 3 continents and continues to see patients at a family practice clinic in Seattle.


University of Washington (UW), Seattle, US

Areas of Expertise

Early Diagnosis, New Technology in Primary Care, Mixed Methods


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