Dr Thomas Round


Dr Thomas Round

Thomas Round is a General Practitioner (GP) at Bromley by Bow Health in London, and an academic in Population Health Sciences at King’s College London (KCL). He has active research interests in early cancer detection/diagnosis with a number of CRUK research awards and NIHR Fellowship. He is one of the KCL clinical leads on delivery of the NHS Galleri cancer screening trial, and primary care lead for the CRUK KCL cancer prevention group. He enjoys medical education and the translation of evidence into clinical practice. This includes as clinical lead for RCGP e-learning, Associate Editor of the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP) and Royal Marsden Partners (RMP) primary care research implementation lead. He is a trustee and grants committee member for Barts Charity London.

He is also an active user of twitter @drtomround.


King's College London, UK

Areas of Expertise

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow & GP

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