David Holden

PPI Panel Member

David Holden


Areas of Expertise

David was diagnosed with a rare form of Upper GI cancer some years ago and received substantial and lengthy treatment at various hospitals in and around London.

Having experienced both the positives and negatives in NHS cancer treatment, he worked for some national cancer charities, helping set up a number of PSGs around London. He has also worked on a pilot at UCLH for the establishment of RDC’s.

He is currently a PPI rep for UCLH (including their Transformation Board) and the NCL Cancer Alliance and has helped on a number of research projects across a range of cancers for a variety of research institutions. He is a member of the London PAG.

David is very supportive of the research CanDetect undertakes and of its predecessor CanTest.

Interests include improving patient awareness of cancer like symptoms and persuading them to see their doctors early, the continued rollout of Diagnostic Centres to improve waiting times by increasing and speeding up diagnostic results, under-resourced dietetics and the improvement of communication and use of IT both within hospital and with primary care providers.

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