Bringing new cancer decision support tools into practice – Challenges and our way forward

In our second CanDetect workshop, we discussed our work around the Multi-Cancer Early Detection tool that we are developing to increase early detection of upper-gastrointestinal cancers. One particular focus of the discussion regarding Workstream 3 was about how we can bring the tool into practice to ensure that it will be used and thus improve cancer outcomes. Currently, there are many challenges as regulations are rapidly changing, new technologies are emerging and research so far has been slow to incorporate these changes. The scientific committee and the researchers discussed how we can overcome these challenges. We will systematically review challenges, but use frameworks to link challenges to potential solutions and conduct expert workshops to refine our strategies. We will examine the diagnostic process and involve patients to find leverage points before and during patient consultations. Our PPIE representatives and key stakeholders in primary care will be involved closely so that patients and primary care professionals actively contribute to find practical solutions.

by Dr Christina Derksen

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